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Nicole Edensbo

Nicole, a national record holder, shares her passion for freediving and the life that comes with. A passion that started as a hobby which shortly transformed her whole lifestyle and developed her mindset into something extraordinary.

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An Impulse response library for guitar and bass cabinets

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MyWoof is a blog-portal for people with a passion and the preconditions to express it in an enthralling fashion. All of our writers are hand-picked, each blog custom built and tailored for their blogger's unique style. We focus on people with flair and a "passion project", driven individuals that strive towards a goal and the means to reach them.

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  • Custom built blog design
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  • An experienced team that will supply you with fitting advertisers, sponsors and joint-ventures.

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  • Targeting on a case-by-case basis
  • Flexible pricing (CPM,CPC or Rev-share)
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